Family Promise Volunteers Needed!
August 11-18:
First Church in Salem will be hosting Family Promise during the week of August 11-18. We know it's summer vacation- cool off with some time in the AC, enjoying a tasty dinner with our guests or sleeping over on the new air mattresses (in rooms with AC!). We will plan fun outdoor activities for the kids, too. Feel free to bring your kiddos! Thank you, and have a happy summer!  

Kickoff Rally: ECCO Solidarity Pilgrimage
Monday, August 19, 2019 at 10 AM – 11 AM
JFK Building
15 Sudbury St, Boston, MA 02203

Pastor Elizabeth will be attending this rally on Monday, August 19. If anyone from First Church or the community is interested in meeting up and going into the city together please feel free to email the church office and we can put everyone in touch.
Join ECCO as we rally outside of Elizabeth Warren's headquarters, demanding that our elected officials and presidential candidates commit to ending all detention and deportation until Congress passes just and human immigration reform!
The violence being perpetrated against immigrants of color in our country is a moral crisis, intensifying each day with increased raids and separations of families. Our elected officials are not taking action to stop raids, detentions, and deportations - we must demand that they act now.
After the kickoff, continue with us on our 70-mile solidarity pilgrimage toward the Stratford detention center in Dover, NH. Walk with us for a day, two days or more of our 70-mile funeral procession carrying a child-size coffin that bears the names of children and others who have died senselessly at the hands of ICE or unjust US immigration policy.

The first ordination at First Church in Twenty Years!
Sunday, September 22

As we ready for Homecoming Sunday on September 8, we are also preparing for the ordination of Pastor Elizabeth Ide at 4pm on Sunday, September 22. We will be honored to host distinguished guests and Pastor Ide’s family for several events, and we will need your help. Please contact our administrator Catherine Bertrand at to indicate your interest in participating in this momentous occasion.

And so the bell rang.

32 times.  Because she’s the 32nd minister.

Plus one more.  Because she’s the first female minister in our 390 year history. 

On Sunday, May 5, 2019, First Church in Salem, Unitarian Universalist overwhelmingly and joyously called Pastor Elizabeth M. Ide as our 32nd minister.  

Candidate Week was a whirlwind. Through 23 occasions in nine days (including one that ended with deep conversation by candlelight when the power failed), Elizabeth eventually met the entire staff and the majority of our active members. Her intense interest in our church community was palpable, whether during worship, in meetings, or socializing.  She spoke quietly and confidently from her heart about things that matter to her and to our community.  She is our minister now, and we are her congregation. 

The work of the search is over, and the work of a new shared ministry begins.  Our walk together continues and the First Church community is thrilled at the prospect.


Sun, August 18
10:30am Service
Rev. Claire Donaldson Preaching

Sun, August 25
10:30am Service
Pastor Elizabeth Ide Preaching

No service Labor Day weekend—Sunday, September 1. We then return on September 8.

Saturday, September 7
9am Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, September 8
9am Choir Rehearsal
10:30am Homecoming Service

Sunday, September 15
10:30am Service

Sunday, September 22
10:30am Service
4pm Ordination of Pastor Ide

Sunday, September 29
10:30am Service

Sunday, October 6
10:30am Service