August Guest Preaching Schedule
August 12: Deacon Claire Donaldson
August 19: The Rev. Tony Lorenzen, Minister of the Unitarian Church in Hopedale
August 26: Marlyn Miller, Former RE Director at First Universalist Society in Salem

Family Promise Returns August 26 through September 2
Our guest families will be arriving on Sunday August 26, and will be spending evenings and nights within our church until their departure on September 2. We are in need of volunteers to act as overnight hosts, dinner hosts or donate meals. Sign up here to volunteer! With the week falling on a holiday weekend we wanted to let everyone know about it now so you can put a note in your calendar! If you have questions, and/or wish to be added to the Family Promise email list, please contact Jessica.Kane

Water Communion and Homecoming Sunday on September 9

Join us as we celebrate the start of a new church season. On Sunday, September 9 we will once again hold a water communion as part of the service. People of all ages are invited to bring some water from their summertime journeys and adventures, be they far or near, to share during the service. We will invite people to come forward to pour their water into a ritual bowl and celebrate the many ways we are connected by and through water.

Note: A great way to bring water to the service is in a used water bottle or jar. You do not need a lot. For the absent minded among us (and we've all been there), we will have water and containers on hand.




No Services are held in July.

August 12    
10:30am Service
Deacon Claire Donaldson

August 19    
10:30am Service
The Rev. Tony Lorenzen

August 26    
10:30am Service
Marlyn Miller

Sep 2 Labor Day, No Service is planned

Sep 9 Homecoming Sunday, with First Church’s new interim minister, the Rev. Terry Sweetser
10:30am Service with Choir
Religious Education Resumes