Family Promise Returns the week of August 20-27
Volunteers Needed!

The First Church will once again open our doors to 3-4 homeless families for seven nights in the middle of August. We currently need help for set up on August 20, a second dinner host on August 21, and clean up on August 27. Go to to sign up. For more information on Family Promise click here!

Homecoming and Water Communion & Community Fellowship
Sunday, September 10

Join us as we celebrate the beginning of a new church year. Homecoming Sunday will include a water communion as part of the service.
People of all ages are invited to bring some water from their summertime journeys to share during the service. We will invite people to come forward to pour their water into a ritual bowl and celebrate the many ways we are connected to and through water.
Note: A great way to bring water to the service is in a used water bottle or jar. You do not need a lot. For the absent minded among us (and we've all been there), we will have water and containers on hand. Additionally, we will have our first Community Fellowship Hour of the church year. Please bring a bite to share!

Linden Tree in Back Parking Lot
Later in September the Linden Tree in the back parking lot will be removed. The Property Committee consulted with three different tree services in hopes of having the tree pruned and saved. However, that is not possible. Due diligence has been extended, and we can rest assured this is the proper way to proceed. 
Therefore, we invite those who are interested in the fate of this beloved living entity, which has been said to be at least 150 years old, to become a "tree hugger" for a few minutes, either on your own time or at 12pm following church services on September 10 (2nd week in September) and September 17 (3rd week in September) with others of us to put our hands on the tree and thank it for all it has contributed to mankind's well being.  Any questions, call 978-744-6540 or e-mail


Saturday, August 19
10am Friends of Salem Sanctuary Volunteer Kickoff & Training

Sunday, August 20
Family Promise set up and arrival
10:30am Service
Jim Matarazzo Preaching

Sunday, August 27
10:30am Service
Rev. Jerrie Hildebrand Preaching
Family Promise conclusion and break down

Sunday, September 3
No Service - Labor Day Weekend

Saturday, September 9
9am Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, September 10
9am Choir Rehearsal
10:30am Homecoming and Water Communion Service
Community Fellowship
12pm Linden Tree Blessing

Sunday, September 17
10:30am Service
12pm Linden Tree Blessing
1pm-4pm Trails and Sails

Wednesday, September 20
7:15pm Standing Committee Mtg

Sunday, September 24
10:30am Service
1pm-4pm Trails and Sails