Who We Are

Welcome to all of you who have come to share with the First Church Family the
beauty of our Meetinghouse and the experience of our prayer. We are grateful for
your presence among us and hope that you will feel at home in this house of
worship. We are a Liberal Christian congregation who espouse the values of
freedom, reason and tolerance. We do not ask what you believe, or expect you to
think the way we do, but only that you try to live a kindly, helpful life, with the
dignity proper to a human being. Preachers here have the task of presenting
religion freely, fearlessly, and faithfully. Hearers have the responsibility of
testing what they hear, not only with the critical mind, but also in the living of
everyday life. Members of this Congregation welcome the support of all who believe
that religion is wider than any sect and deeper than any set of opinions.

Our History

Gathered by the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Colony in August of 1629, this is one
of the oldest Protestant churches founded in North America and the first to be
governed by congregational polity. During its long history the theological position
of the Church has changed, most significantly in the early 1800‘s when Unitarianism
was embraced. Today, we remain a self-governing congregation that follows its own
by-laws and democratically elects its own officers. The First Church welcomes all
who wish to share in our religious fellowship and spiritual quest regardless of color,
creed or sexual orientation.

A member church of the Unitarian Universalist Association