The Alliance 

The Alliance has evolved over the years from a social gathering to a weekly noon brown bag meeting to discuss ways that members can assist the church in areas not covered by paid staff or other committees and to expand knowledge about other religious beliefs and customs. 

Activities include the following:

  • Regular Tuesday lunch meetings to review how its members can assist the activities of The First Church in Salem.

  • Jewish Studies: Lead by guest speakers and Pastor Jeffrey Barz-Snell, the Alliance has occasional lunch-and-learn noon meetings on various current and past religious practices and traditions compared with those of Christians.

  • Assist the Church Administrator: Finalize the monthly Herald for mailing: fold, address, stamp, and mail. Fold the weekly Orders of Service as needed.

  • Help church members and the church itself reduce their carbon footprint by providing bins to recycle electronic equipment not currently accepted by the City of Salem e-recycle program.

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