Garden Committee

The Garden Committee aims to do the following: create inviting garden spaces for church and community gatherings as well as solitary meditation; to connect to the neighborhood by providing a welcoming experience for all who enter the grounds; to implement practices of sustainability of natural and financial resources; and to continue the stewardship of our historic property with a sense of pride. 

Some of the accomplishments include designing, planting, and maintenance of all garden beds and entry planters; the planting of the Willow House; removal of overgrown yew shrubs; and the spring daffodil extravaganza. Goals for the future include planting of a memorial specimen tree and converting more of the grounds to less water-dependent plantings. 

Co-Chairs: Mary Collari, Jan Eschauzier and Lynn Taggart

Members: Mike Giaque, Brenda Marean, Iris Weaver


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