Welcome to the First Church in Salem!

The First Church is an active 21st-century congregation with a long and fascinating history.   We are proud of our open-minded approach to matters of faith informed by our past and inspired by our community and values.

Today, we are a Unitarian Universalist congregation still grounded in the Biblical tradition but open to many different faith traditions.   We call it our "walk together" as our almost 400 year old covenant so elegantly states it.

We are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association, dedicated to the ideals of individual conscience, the search for truth, a reverence for the sacred, the dignity of all people, and the vision of world community.  We are also dedicated to celebrating and giving thanks for our lives and our world, and we do this in a variety of engaging and inspiring ways.

We gather each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for our service followed by Fellowship Hour.  We have a fun and engaging religious education offered during our service every Sunday for kids ages pre-K through high school. Childcare is also available for babies, toddlers, and pre-school aged children.  Our goal is to have children who want to come and teachers who wan to teach!  

At Fellowship Hour you will find "fair-trade" coffee and tea, delicious treats, rousing conversation and, during the winter months, a fire in the fireplace.  We use old cups and saucers we have had for decades and then wash them.  No styrofoam here!

We invite you to join us for a service, explore our historic Meetinghouse, ask questions, introduce yourself to a few people, and take a few minutes to attend Fellowship Hour after the service.

If you are new to First Church, please visit the minister after the service in the Minister’s Study just to left as you exit the Meeting House on the left.

Our building is largely accessible with an elevator we installed in 2012.

We know how many options all of us have on a Sunday morning, but we understand the difference just one hour can make in how we live our lives—an hour set aside for reflection, spirit, joy, and community.  Welcome to the First Church!




Senior Minister: Reverend Elizabeth M. Ide
Chair of Standing Committee: Brenda Marean
Chair of Deacons: Eric Kenney
Director of Henny Penny Nursery School: Tricia Pini
Director of Music: Michael Kraft
Director of Religious Education: Deb DiGiulio
Congregational Administrator: Catherine Bertrand
Sexton: Bill McCarthy