In 2011 and 2012 the First Church underwent it's first major construction since the 1920s. As a result the building now has universal access including an elevator, a new energy efficient heating system and refurbished function rooms and classrooms.

Several areas are available to rent for all different occasions: meetings, baby and wedding showers, graduation and birthday parties, etc.

Please download and complete the Building Use Form here and email it to Catherine at You can also call 978-744-1551 with any questions. Please note our current policy for all interested parties: quotes for space use can only be given after a Building Use Form is completed. We are unable to give estimates at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

The following spaces are available for use:

Meeting House
Cleveland Room
Barnard Room
Kitchen (currently first floor only)
Willson Hall (stage and hall)

We have tables, chairs and dishware available for use as part of the user agreement.

Weddings & Functions 

Planning a Wedding/Function at the First Church

The First Church has a long tradition of performing weddings for non-members. 

For at least 200 years, and long before it was an accepted practice, this church quietly officiated at ceremonies for interfaith couples and disaffected Roman Catholics. 

This tradition of hospitality continues to this day as the First Church invites both heterosexual and same-sex couples to consider having their wedding here. 

There are several items to be aware of when considering the First Church for your wedding:

1) The First Church is closed during the month of July. and is not available for wedding ceremonies during this time. 

2) The First Church is typically not open for weddings on Memorial Day Weekend or Labor Day Weekend. In addition, the weekends around Christmas and Easter are generally off limits. If there is a question about this, feel free to call us and ask. 

3) The First Church allows a maximum of two weddings during any given month. September through November are our most popular months, so those looking for dates during that time should contact the church a year in advance to ensure availability. 

4) The minister requires a minimum of three meetings with him in person here at the church prior to your wedding date. These meetings are for the purpose of planning the wedding service and discussing in brief some of the issues that arise when getting married. There is no expectation that couples will join the church if they get married here. (Although be warned: more than a few couples, once they have gotten to know our community and what we stand for as a church, have decided to call the First Church their spiritual home.) These meetings also provide an opportunity for the minister to get to know the couple and vice versa, which makes it nicer for everyone during the wedding ceremony. 

If you are interested in having their wedding here at the First Church, please call our church office with your date(s) in mind. The Church Administrator will take down the dates and walk through the process with you. 

Planning a wedding can be a stressful and exhausting experience. Remember to pace yourself and to be good to one another during this time. MANY people in your life can have rather pointed opinions about what you should be doing. We here at the First Church like to remind couples that this is your wedding. Try to be true to your wishes. 

To discuss your wedding further and to check on wedding dates, please call the church office at 978 744-1551. 

Church Administrator: Catherine Bertrand

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