MSC Group Discussions and Survey

 From your Ministerial Search Committee

 (remarks of Nicole McLaughlin at the October 14th Church Service)

 We  covenant

 And do bind ourselves

 To walk together

  The charge of the Ministerial Search Committee it to amplify the voice of this church --- our COLLECTIVE voice.  The voice that can only be heard if we walk together through this process.

 We come from many different backgrounds.  We come through those doors each week with different needs, for ourselves and our families. We want different things from our Church community and minister. 

 The immediate challenge before each of us is to offer to one another our own voice. 

 So what does that mean in practical terms?

 The Ministerial Search Committee has between now and November 30th to harness this congregation’s collective voice into an information package for all Unitarian Universalist ministerial candidates.  This is a hard deadline, and one we must meet to best position First Church to successfully call a minister this spring.

 Between now and mid-November, there will be opportunities for you to step forward and walk together with one another.  To walk together into unknown territory with a clear destination but no pre-determined outcome. 

 More specifically, the ministerial search committee will host 5 discussion sessions, on 2 Sundays, 2 weeknights and one Saturday. Each discussion will walk through the same questions. If a lot of people sign up for one session, we’ll break into smaller groups.  Beginning today, sign-up sheets will be circulating with the dates and times.

 For those discussions, we are looking for volunteer note-takers. If you can play this role, let one of us know.   We’ll ask those volunteers to attend two sessions, one as a note-taker and one as a participant.  We may also need child care during those sessions. We’ll let you know.

 We’ll  also be conducting a congregational survey. It will be open for 10 days from October 21st to October 31st, which includes 2 Sundays. You’ll be able to take it online at home, or in person here at Church on either of the two Sundays.

 In the last two weeks of November, we’ll synthesize in writing the information gathered from the discussions.  On December 1st, this information, as well as the content of all survey responses, will become available to all Unitarian Universalist ministers who are engaged in a search.  The identity of the person who completed the survey response will be anonymous. This information will also be available to you.

 So, what can you do today to commit to walking together?

 Sign up for a discussion group.  And possibly volunteer to be a note taker.

And start thinking about things like what is important to you about First Church? What does First Church need in a minister?

 We covenant

 And do bind ourselves

 To walk together

 Let’s live that covenant in this search for our new minister.


Discussion Group Dates and Times:

             October 28, 12-1:30pm

             November 4, 12-1:30pm

             November 7, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

             November 8, 7:30 – 9:00pm

             November 10, 9 – 10:30 am

 Survey Timeframe:  October 21st – 31st.  Survey will be available electronically and on paper.