Minister's Office Hours
If you would like to talk with Rev. Elizabeth, please contact to make an appointment. Thank you!

Calling all friends and members!
The Worship Team is reaching out to the First Church community to see who would like to be a part of the Sunday worship service in the future. At the moment we are looking for those who would like to participate as a Chalice Lighter—individuals or families are invited! We would provide the reading that accompanies lighting the chalice. All we ask is that you arrive to church a bit earlier so we can walk through the actual lighting. It’s a simple but lovely way to be a part of the service. Please email Catherine at if you’re interested!

Pastoral Care Committee Needs Care Angels!
The Pastoral Care Committee provides assistance to First Church members and friends at times of need such as illness, loss of a loved one, or stay in a nursing facility.
The Committee will ask one of our volunteers to contact the church member and ask what they need. We may provide a meal, ride to an appointment, or visit a member in the hospital or nursing facility.
If you would like to be one of our Care Angels please let us know. All that is required is a willingness to send a card, make a phone call, provide a visit or a meal, or possibly provide a ride or run an errand. If you are interested, we would love to add you to our list of First Church volunteers who might be called upon in time of need. If at the time we contact you, it is not convenient for you to help, we will call on you another time.
To be added to our Care Angel list, please contact Sally Millice at 978-745-1632 or
Thank you for your interest.
Pastoral Care Committee
Sally Millice, Lynn Taggart, Claire Donaldson, Linda Stark, Terry Bastion, Kris Anderson

Game Night!
Save the date for Games Night in the Cleveland Room on Friday, November 15th! Details to follow soon.

Meeting House Flowers
Meeting House Flower Sign Ups are now available online or at the Sign Up Table in the Barnard Room.
The Garden Committee coordinates the Meeting House flowers each Sunday as a wonderful way to celebrate an event, memorialize or honor a loved one. For further questions you may email Catherine in the office at or contact Jan Eschauzier directly at

Fellowship Hour Sign Ups Available Online
Members and friends of The First Church volunteer to host Fellowship each week. One or two people volunteer to host the adult table in the Cleveland Room or the Children's Table in the Barnard Room. Some people find that co-hosting can be more fun and make the hosting easier. Fellowship Committee members are available to assist any "first-timers", or to help pair someone up with another co-host. For information email Stephanie Diozzi at

Get to Know the Committees of First Church!

During the month of November we will highlight the Social Outreach Committee! Join us on Sunday, November 3 for Social Justice Sunday!
Feel free to email Congregational Administrator Catherine Bertrand with any questions at


Wednesday, October 30
2pm Worship Committee Meeting

Thursday, October 31: Halloween!
2pm-8pm Parking Fundraiser

Sat, November 2
9am Choir Rehearsal

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS: Turn Clocks Back 1 Hour

Sun, November 3
9am Choir Rehearsal
10:30am Social Justice Service

Sat, November 9
9am Garden Clean Up

Sun, November 10
10:30am Service