First Church has a number of ways to get involved! You could volunteer through one of our many committees. You could also sign up for one of the following opportunities:

Meeting House Flowers

Fellowship Hosting

Welcome Committee

Lifebridge Dinner Committee Saturday

Lifebridge Dinner Committee Sunday

Family Promise

Volunteer Opportunities to Make a Difference:
Bringing in winter items for this year's Scarf, Mitten, and Hat Drive – "Chase the Chill"
Serving Dinner at Lifebridge or bag some food at the Salem Pantry
Help us purchase several more $25 and $50 gifts cards from Marketbasket and/or Crosby’s
“Plug in” with the work of our Social Justice and Social Outreach Committees

Attend one of our new Conversation Circles. The First Church is rolling out a new program offering: Conversation Circles. These are 15 minute or so small group discussions, held typically after church during Fellowship Hour. Each Circle is hosted by a Circle Leader, who invites people into the conversation to express their fears, hopes, ideas and resolve.
Many of us suspect that we are about to live during a highly unusual set of political and social circumstances, perhaps even unprecedented in our nation’s history, (at least recent history). Churches like ours, with capable, free-thinking and informed people in our midst, become more relevant at a time like this, not less.  Come and be a part of the conversation as we find ways to make a difference.